Branching into H5P @ University of Regina

A Branching Tour for
a workshop at the University of Regina
Nov 28, 2022

Alan Levine
Open Education Global &

Branching as a presentation inspired by Arley Cruthers

In the spirit of H5P/remix, this tour is an updated, expanded version of previous tours for the Texas Digital Learning Summit (July 2022) and for the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (Oct 2021).

Links Mentioned (and more)

Just To Show Custom Content Type…

You are not limited to the official content types. Here is an example where I have downloaded the demo of H5P.Tabs created by Oliver Tacke, uploaded to my H5P editor here in WordPress, and then replaced his content with the same resources from the Accordion above (many more content types can be added).


If You Tasted Something Delicious…

Come back for more, step into the H5P Kitchen for a do it at your own pace workshop

The Followup Session

The second session for University of Regina on December 7, 2022, is an open lab. Questions will be answered, but I will also do live demos of content creation with any tool the audience asks about.

If you are experimenting with H5P, I highly recommend the authoring tools from Lumi what I used to make the demos below. I can walk through creating a few demos I quickly did in an hour.

I also added these demos to a collection in a demo version of the Learnful Studio — contact Alan if you would like an access code to see what it’s like to create content in the studio.

Featured Image: Background image “Sundown over Wascana Lake” flickr photo by Alan Levine shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license and the foreground is derived from “Wallace Island Intersection” flickr photo also by Alan Levine shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license.