Lights Are Dimmed But the Kitchen is Still Plugged in

Technically the BCcampus funded OER Development Project that supported the H5P Kitchen wrapped up in the end of July, with our last event being the showcase banquet webinar.

And this also ends my (Alan Levine) role as project support. But I cannot stay away from the kitchen 😉 And this does not mean the Kitchen is closed, you can say we just dimmed the lights.

  • This web site hosted on the OpenETC and all of its resources and tips, webinar archives will stay open at
  • Our Mattermost community space (another one supported by the OpenETC) will also stay open, so use it to ask questions, share H5P meals, connect. At last count 107 people are there.
  • A few of the projects from this year are still in progress for H5P development, and the others are moved into the phase of being prepared for publication in the BCcampus Open textbook collection. You might be surprised at how much extra detail work goes into that process. Like we did for the 2020 projects, we will try to update the 2021 listing page when the new, H5P flavored editions, are available.
  • There’s much to be excited about in terms of the H5P OER Hub, which is so so so close to being widely available (see our foray into an early version).
  • If you want to tinker with H5P on your own, all B.C. educators can create WordPress sites at the OpenETC and activate the H5P plugin to build your own kitchen. You do not even need to publish any content, but you can use the H5P space in the dashboard to create H5P content that can be embedded elsewhere. Inspired by the UBC studio where multiple people can get accounts, I had dabbled a bit with setting up a lab type site as a potentially cloneable example and I believe some folks at North Island College were doing the same as a H5P generating space.
  • Also keep your eyes on as new open site for not only creating H5P and publishing to the OER Hub (that’s how I experimented) but other tools that are in development. It has been created by Yasin Dahi who built the original H5P studio for eCampus Ontario (he is prepping to make that available as open source).
  • And do not forget about using Lumi for creating, editing H5P on your own computer. No studio needed!

2021 Summaries

We have been tracking the progress of H5P building in the current projects:

We produced 6 open webinars between March and August, 2021 with the following participation:

The H5P Kitchen made appearances at The Cascadia Summit (April) and at the Arizona OER Conference (February).

Published items on this web site included:

Keep cooking and sharing your H5P dishes!

Image Credit: A light madness going on… flickr photo by DaMongMan shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


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