H5P Peak Chef Challenge #1: Scouting and Sharing

As promised we are going to be off and running today with our first H5P Peak Chef Challenge. These are planned as small exercises that will help our new grantees work through their projects but open to anyone interested in sharpening their H5P Kitchen chops.

These will be announced at each Webinar and drop in session. Take on the challenge below and share your response as a comment below.

Now in the challenge is described in video, recorded at our first project open kitchen lab session!

Challenge 1: Before Reaching into the Tool Drawer, Taste Some H5P Dishes

As alluded to in our H5P Workshop, good chefs have what they want to cook up before grabbing tools or appliances. So before you start making H5P, a worthy challenge is to find examples that can give you an idea of what is possible.

We provided in the H5P Workshop guided steps for finding H5P content of interest (or by tool type) from the eCampusOntario H5P Studio as well as a method to explore the Pressbooks Directory for open textbooks that include H5P activities (as well as a few extra ways to look for H5P Good Stuff). Use this as a guide to do some meal scouting:

Find at least one H5P example that catches your interest, because it’s in your topic area, it demonstrates a good practice problem, or it just looks interesting.

Share what you found below as a comment, including:

  • The name of the activity, item found.
  • What about it caught your interest.
  • From what source and where you found it (including search terms).
  • A URL to where it can be tasted by others.

And maybe this is a negative incentive, but this is not a contest, we are not rating or giving out prizes. The goal here is to notch up your skills needed for this project and to share/interact with others.

Start here! or explore the other challenges:


I utilize the interactive workbook extensively. It feels like a guided tour through a section of content.

Recapturing your castle
I searched around the ecampus Ontario site! I filtered by Business&Management content, then looked at the tool types. Even from reviewing the H5P site, I had already determined that the branching scenario is cool … looks difficult to implement … seems to be very engaging for students. So I clicked on this example:
I think it’s nicely done and a great example of how to use the advanced H5P technology to teach the steps of creating and implementing a strategic plan … very creative!

Those are amazing H5P objects! I’d love to create a “Choose-your-own-adventure” game for language students based on the Branching Scenario object type.

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