Cooking With H5P: The Show

No, we are not on TV. Yet. But we do run a series of webinars as a means of providing project support. All shows are held in Zoom and archives will be posted as soon as they are out of the oven. Unless otherwise noted, Cooking with H5P shows are open to anyone interested in our craft.

We run two different formats a month, on alternating Thursdays, 9:00 AM Pacific. One is our “Open Kitchen Drop In Lab” when you can come with your H5P efforts and get help on your cooking. Each session we will announce a new “Peak Chef H5P Challenge“, a fun way to practice and hone your H5P cooking. We also are using these times to ask each team to schedule at least one 30 minute “check up” where we can help you fine tune your project.

In the last Thursday of each month for “The Main Show” we invite into the Kitchen technical, pedagogical experts to share their experience and showpieces created using H5P in Pressbooks.

Cooking With H5P Schedule for 2021

The Main Show

Advance registration is required for these sessions.

March 4: H5P OER Grantee Kickoff

Project launch, introductions and tour of the H5P/B Kitchen (Project Teams only).

We will also open the kitchen table for participants to talk about their first weeks working on projects or to get feedback on progress so far.

March 25: Learning from Team Vital Signs

We will be bringing in one of the project teams from the 2020 H5P OER Grants to share their experiences and demonstrate the additions made to a new edition of an open textbook.

April 29: Inside Pressbooks with Steel Wagstaff

Steel Wagstaff, Educational Product Manager for Pressbooks, visits the kitchen to share examples and useful suggestions for using Pressbooks (and H5P) plus to maybe hint at what its future might look like.

May 27: Cooking With Kyle Mackie

For this show, we welcome to the Kitchen, Kyle Mackie, “community builder, technology champion, and educational consultant.” Kyle has tons of expertise with H5P and we expect to learn useful cooking tricks from him.

June 24: Arley Cruthers

Arley is in the kitchen to share her ideas on effective interactivity and to show her chops at cooking with the Branching Scenario.

July 29: Project Banquet

This is where we get to share and sample the work the teams have done. It’s the end of Season 2!

Drop In Lab

Drop in sessions for funded project participants, no advanced registration required.

March 11: Open Kitchen Drop In Session

Just show up and ask questions!

April 8: Open Kitchen Drop In Session

Bring in your projects for a check up.

May 13: Open Kitchen Drop In Session

Funded projects are asked to bring in their projects for a check up.

June 10: Open Kitchen Drop In Session

June Checkup

July 8: Open Kitchen Drop In Session

July Checkup

2020 Cooking Show Reruns (Archives)

  • H5P OER Grantees Kickoff
    Our first “show” on July 9, 2020 was a chance to meet everyone (excellent ice breaker activity from Clint Lalonde), review logistics, and introduce the “kitchen” concept and resources for participants. The archive of the meeting is embedded here and also viewable by archive link. Links Mentioned Mattermost Community — now open for project…
  • July Webinar: Cooking H5P With Accessibility in Mind
    Our first “Cooking Show” (aka webinar) is scheduled for July 30 at 9:00am Pacific Time. As we are just getting going with projects and want to keep things comfortable, access to this first one will be shared with project participants (look for an email and info shared in our Mattermost community) (have you joined yet?),…
  • August Webinar: Instructional Design of Open Textbook Practice Problems
    The second  “Cooking Show” aka webinar for this project was on August 27 at 9:00am Pacific Time. This show is being run as an open BCcampus webinar, so we expect a wider audience of interested colleagues. The archive of this session is now available: Our format still remains friendly and conversational. This month’s topic is focused…
  • September Webinar: Infusing A Medical Terminology Open Textbook With H5P Interactivity
    Our next Cooking with H5P and Pressbooks webinar is Thursday, September 24 at 10:00am PT (check for your local time). The archive of this session is now available: Visiting the “kitchen” are Ontario educators Kim Carter (Conestoga College) and Marie Rutherford (Georgian College) who recently published in Pressbooks “Building a Medical Terminology Foundation“. Remixed from…
  • October Webinar In the Kitchen: H5P Chef Svein-Tore Griff With
    If you are interested in cooking with H5P, you did not want to miss the webinar on Thursday, October 29 at 9:00am PT (check for your local time). The archive of this session is now available (with captioning) Joining us in the kitchen was “Top Chef” Svein-Tore Griff With, founder of H5P, who was here…
  • November Webinar: Sampling The Projects
    It’s time to sample what has been cooking in the H5P/Pressbooks Kitchen. In our November webinar, representatives of the five funded projects of BCcampus OER Development Grants will serve up slices of their H5P enhanced textbooks. They will share how they have made their open textbooks more effective with the practice activities integrated into the…

Image Credit: Food blogger: Woman takes cooking show video of the chinese-american chef Martin Yan during a live cooking performance in Germany flickr photo by verchmarco shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license