Cooking With H5P: The Show

No, we are not on TV. But we are planning a monthly series of webinars as another means of providing project support. All shows will be held in Zoom and archives will be posted to this web site.

Look for “Cooking with H5P” scheduled for the last Thursday of each month at 9:00am PT. Part of the program will bringing technical, pedagogical experts to the group but also to hear from other faculty working on similar projects.

But these shows are not all presenters. We plan to use the time as well for project participants to bring a current cooking problem or achievement into the kitchen for some peer support. Are you struggling with developing a certain kind of problem? Are you seeking feedback on particular examples? Or do you have a dish you are very proud of and want to share?

It’s a communal kitchen.

Look for the schedule be filled in as we go.


July 9: H5P OER Grantee Kickoff

Project launch, introductions and opening of this kitchen.

July 30: Accessibility in H5P, Check in on Progress, Open Q&A

Our guest is Josie Gray (BC Campus) Advisor, Inclusive Design and OER Collections to discuss and answer questions about meeting accessibility requirements in H5P. As an administrator of the BC Campus Pressbooks instance participants are using, Josie can answer questions about using the platform.

We will also open the kitchen table for participants to talk about their first weeks working on projects or to get feedback on progress so far.

August 27: Instructional Design of Open Textbook Practice Problems

For this month’s show, instructional designers Julie Maier and JR Dingwall from University of Saskatchewan’s Distance Education Unit bring share instructional design knowledge and experience in integrating H5P activities into open textbooks. We will see examples from their Pressbooks/H5P projects and talk about what makes a good practice exercise. Check out the notes for relevant links and watch the archive if you missed it.

September 24: Infusing A Medical Terminology Open Textbook With H5P Interactivity

Ontario educators Kim Carter and Marie Rutherford share their ideas behind and development of almost 150 practice H5P activities integrated into a new open textbook on “Building a Medical Terminology Foundation.” .

October 29: In the Kitchen: H5P Chef Svein-Tore Griff With

“Top Chef” Svein-Tore Griff With, founder of H5P, will be here to demo and talk about the new H5P OER Hub as well as the road map for H5P.

November 26: Sampling the Projects

Representatives of the five funded projects of BCcampus OER Development Grants will serve up samples of their H5P enhanced textbooks.

Image Credit: Food blogger: Woman takes cooking show video of the chinese-american chef Martin Yan during a live cooking performance in Germany flickr photo by verchmarco shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license