July Webinar: The Project Banquet

Our last Cooking with H5P and Pressbooks webinar ws Thursday, July 29 at 9:00 am PT (check for your local time). It was time to get a taste for the 2021 OER Development projects as project teams serve up samples of the H5P practice problems they have added to existing open textbooks.

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The recording of this session is now available, enjoy!

In our July webinar, representatives of the six funded projects of BCcampus OER Development Grants for 2021 will serve up slices of their H5P enhanced textbooks. They will share details on how they have made their open textbooks more effective with the practice activities integrated into the content. Celebrate as we share the cumulative collection of new, reusable H5P practice exercises and what it means for Open Homework Systems.

Join us to hear from the project teams including

  • Technical Writing Essentials: Introduction to Professional Communication in the Technical Field – Deb Neilsen (College of New Caledonia)
  • Physical Geology – Karla Panchuk (UBC-Okanagan)
  • Principles of Social Psychology – Hammond Tarry and Farhad Dastur (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
  • Principles of Marketing – Biggi Weischedel (Thompson Rivers University)
  • Foundations in Digital Marketing – Rochelle Grayson (Langara College)

Keep your eye on the BCcampus Open textbook site over the next few weeks for updated, H5P infused versions of these textbooks.

Reflections Shared By Presenters

I originally thought that this project would test my technical skills; however, it required me to work more creatively to take the H5P tools and come up with something other than the basic multiple-choice quiz. That was work at times but also the fun part. I feel that I’ve come up with quality, student-oriented enhancements to this book and I can’t wait to teach using it.

Deb Nielsen

Overall, I have enjoyed learning about H5P and getting better at it. Initially I was a bit disillusioned when I realized that some tools don’t really allow for much higher-level learning. Some are really just made to test memorizing or repeating content. They are, however, still fun activities and always better than just reading but I had to learn how to use the H5P tools creatively to make the activities more meaningful. What I have put together (I created 86 activities for my marketing textbook) works well now.

Biggi Weischedel

Links Mentioned in Chat

Questions/Comments From the Chat

  • On enhancing textbooks for learning… Anybody else feels that flexible Open Textbooks are already improved over static ones?
  • Having waded through a number of H5P examples, recently, I get such a joy when it’s so realistic and not just an easily guessable true/false!
  • Wonderful to see more examples of H5P usage — exciting to see it used in different disciplines.
  • I like how H5P can be linked to my Moodle gradebook – my students can achieve points towards participation in the course by doing the activities.
  • When Deb demonstrated “find the errors” in the email example, she got them all correct, but the completion indicator only gave her 6 out of 8. How can she get 8 out of 8? I’ve seen this phenomenon before in some other examples and couldn’t figure it out.
    • H5P scores +1 correct and -1 incorect
    • score, not completion
    • Noticed some settings with which allow to specify the scoring… a bit hidden.
  • So much about OER and linguistic diversity!!
  • People keep talking about gamification, which tends to be game mechanics without the fun. Here, it’s about scaffolding.
  • I love seeing these advanced examples of H5P activities. Wonderful!
  • This is so cool – story telling in geology 🙂
  • Also, the use of storytelling and narratives is a foundation of indigenous learning theories, so this aids in working towards indigenization of curriculum and decolonizing instructional practices.
  • Ok, questions to Karla: how long did it take to create all of these? And which proportion was in planning/storyboarding?
  • This banquet is such a treat! Much of what happened in the background was also nourishing. This feels like a feast!
  • Gets me thinking about a field project in which some people would do participant-observation while learners used a textbook.
  • I appreciate that you shared your approach to selection of activities. Very helpful.
  • I totally agree with the assessment that the branching tool is both powerful and annoying
  • did your experience with gaming companies make it harder to try in H5P? People with too much Storyline/SCORM experience have more difficulty adapting to H5P than those who don’t have such an experience…
  • There’s a pattern among those examples, today: there’s real pedagogy behind all of them.
  • This was fantastic! Great to see rich examples from the masters before I embark on experimenting for myself. 🙂
  • Thank you so much to the presenters and BCcampus for such a valuable webinar. Lots of ways H5P can be used. I think I know which example I will try first (using prompts/interactives during a video) and then go from there. Wish me luck!
  • Does anyone have a suggestion for a resource that will guide me for using H5P specifically for adding prompts during a video (there was an example of a YouTube video and a prompt

Hopes for Takeaways

From responses to the event registration:

  • Examples and ideas for using H5P.
  • help to organize what I’ve learned in H5P by this point
  • How to motivate teachers to look into H5P.
  • I am about to embark on an open text book project so am looking for best practices to emulate.
  • I’d like to learn more about how to use this technology with Pressbooks.
  • Ideas / tips on using H5P
  • Ideas on how to use H5P!
  • Ideas… I’m working on my own OER H5P project right now
  • Ideas/inspiration for H5P activities to integrate into my own OER.
  • Improve my use of H5P in recorded lectures to provide interactive engagement.
  • Inspiration and ideas on how other instructors are creating interactive formative activities and exercises
  • Inspiration, knowledge
  • Learn more about how you are inspiring use of H5P and sharing of activities with instructors.
  • Learning more about H5P and how this tool can be integrated within course resources to enhance learning.
  • more great H5P tips via the wonderful modelling of BC Open folks
  • New ideas for incorporating H5P into our OERs.
  • Possibilities of H5P
  • Taste of place
  • Update on what’s new in the kitchen
  • What technology exist for developing an open book.


From responses to the event registration:

  • I am hoping presenters will discuss the amount of time it took to create H5P features in their OERs.
  • I am using H5P in recorded lectures. The submissions are connected to the LMS (Canvas). The student submission reports are not available, due to using the external tool. Is there a solution instructors could use, if the institution does not have the app/software for downloading reports of submissions?

This event is free and open. To ensure we have an inclusive and welcoming environment for all, we’ve added registration to our webinars. Please note that it will close two hours before the event.

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Image Credit: Photo by Luisa Brimble on Unsplash modified by Alan Levine to include the H5P Kitchen logo on the table.

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