Student Feedback on H5P Practice Problems in “Concepts of Biology”

A number of the funded OER projects the Kitchen is supporting included in their plans having students try out the H5P practice problems being developed and provide feedback.

We were excited to see the results from Michelle Nakano shared in our Mattermost community a summary of feedback for the Concepts of Biology textbook project (their team has already developed 71 H5P interactions).

Below, published with Michelle’s permission, are their findings from the student evaluations.

The goal of our project with BCcampus is to enhance accessibility and student engagement with the open textbook, Concepts of Biology 1st Canadian Edition. We are integrating a range of H5P learning objects that will enable students to search for key points at the start of each chapter, interact with videos, and practice review exercises within sections of chapters 1-12.

To establish a baseline and obtain feedback for improvements, we surveyed students’ level of satisfaction with the H5P learning objects in chapter 1 of the open textbook. Eighty-six of ninety students in sections D01 and D03 of BIOL-103 Non-Majors General Biology at Camosun College participated in an online survey between Sept. 8-15, 2020. This chart shows the survey questions and the averages for responses.

Concepts of Biology Chapter 1 H5P User Satisfaction Survey- bar chart showing responses for 5 questions (see below)

The high response rate and overall results confirm user satisfaction with H5P interactives in chapter one.

In addition, the survey enabled students to report any operational problems or information errors encountered. In general, there were no major operational problems reported, and student feedback was valuable for implementing corrections and clarifications and informing future refinements in the project work.

The survey also provided the opportunity to for students to share comments or ideas about how to improve the H5P interactive activities. For example, one comment provided a reminder to make explicit the purpose of H5P activities as goal directed practice and not as assessment.

“Everything has been running smoothly, I’m not sure how the responses are recorded considering answers disappear after moving on to the next page but I haven’t experienced any difficulties.”

The appreciative feedback in the following comment describes personalized benefits of the interactive activities for studying and learning.

“I really enjoyed going through these interactive activities and more specifically the videos. I liked being able to change the speed of the video and I also enjoyed having my retention checked through the small questions. It makes studying and learning a lot more seamless.”

The results of this preliminary survey confirmed our project purpose, H5P’s performance, and feedback for refining personalized learning in goal directed practice in the next 11 chapters of the open textbook.

It is fantastic to see how the student feedback will be taken into consideration for the work on the remaining chapters of this textbook. That is just one thing cooking well on the project. Look for more when the improved versions of the textbooks are made public at the end of this year.

Image Credit: This image came up while searching for open licensed images of “cooking probe”– while technically not an exact match, the idea of 3D printed food caught our attention!

Design Probe - Creative Cooking (Food Printer)
Design Probe – Creative Cooking (Food Printer) flickr photo by Cea. shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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