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As announced by BCCampus as “Homework high five” we welcome to the H5P Kitchen the teams representing the projects awarded open education development grants under the Open Homework Project.

The teams represent 11 British Columbia post-secondary institutions who will be developing interactive activities for open textbooks in the areas of English, Nursing, Psychology, Biology, and Tourism. The projects will be completed and made available as new versions of these BCCampus open textbooks.

Meet the awarded projects:

Writing for Success

The purpose of this project is to improve the Writing for Success textbook by integrating more hands-on, formative learning objects. Writing for Success is a textbook for use in first-year academic writing, one of the highest volume classes in the province and a course with a high degree of failure and attrition. Any effort to improve rates of success in this course will positively impact the vast majority of post-secondary students in the province, as this is a required course for most degree programs and in most transfer agreements. The H5P interactives will offer students the opportunity to reinforce, apply, and check their learning, primarily relying on pedagogical practices like spaced practice, retrieval practice, and concrete examples.

Introduction to Tourism & Hospitality

This project will support the revision of the open textbook Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality in BC. This project will be led by Wendy Anderson, and the B.C. tourism and hospitality articulation group has now confirmed editors for the open textbook. These editors are now working on a revision of the open textbook.The team will develop H5P activities using different content types for 12 chapters of Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality in BC to create formative learning opportunities in the open textbook. The content type choices will be made to support the learning objectives for each chapter and to develop a range of engaging digital content that aligns with the principles of UDL and encourages self-assessment and practice.

Updated Version Available Now

Vital Signs Measurement Across the Lifespan

The open educational resource (OER) Vital Signs Measurement Across the Lifespan – 1st Canadian Edition is invaluable for thousands of health care students across Canada, providing accessible, current, and accurate textual information related to the foundational skill of vital sign measurement. Already, each chapter has activities to stimulate learning that were developed in collaboration with multiple health care professions. This project will take the existing activities and increase their interactivity using H5P and continue to include the perspectives of multiple professions. The main goals are to enhance the students’ ability to assess their learning, identify knowledge gaps, reinforce new knowledge, and enhance confidence in skill performance.

2nd Edition Available Now


  • Textbook: Psychology (OpenStax)
  • Project Lead: Simon Lolliot (University of British Columbia)
  • Institutions: University of British Columbia

This project will strive to create at least 150 H5P-based formative assessment opportunities that span the complete OpenStax psychology textbook. These activities will use the full gamut of H5P content types, with careful attention paid to the synergy between the H5P content type and the academic content. The aim is to intersperse these learning opportunities throughout the textbook, providing students with regular opportunities to test their understanding. Select H5P content will be placed directly after a paragraph for immediate practice of the content, with the goal of making sure students master content before moving on. Other H5P content will appear at the end of the section for students to complete. This approach provides students with spaced retrieval practice questions while reading the text.

Concepts of Biology

This project supports formative assessment by integrating H5P activities into 11 chapters of Concepts of Biology – 1st Canadian Edition, a learning resource for introductory biology courses for non-majors offered at Camosun College and at most institutions across B.C., Canada, and the world. The enhanced accessibility and instructional value will increase textbook adoptions and use by post-secondary, high school, and adult students. The project will increase the cost saving value for students and support the need for online education and self-regulated interactive learning for the foreseeable future.

Total H5P Content Produced

Based on semi-regular counts from the development versions:

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