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As previously noted the lights here in the H5P Kitchen are mostly dimmed as this project has completed. Still I see occasional post comments, signups for email notification of new posts (of which this may be one of the few that will happen), and people joining the OpenETC Mattermost space.

Still there are some important updates as now all of the projects supported here are officially available in the BCcampus Pressbooks Catalog (I recommend as well making use of the nifty new Open B.C. Collection which has powerful search and contains more than open textbooks).

We had started posts each time a new title went up on the shelf (e.g. for Concepts of Biology, Vital Sign Measurement Across the Lifespan), but much of the final publishing happened after the lights were dimmed here.

Almost via an accidental reading of a tweet, I noticed the announcement published today on BCcampus: Open Homework Systems Project Wrap-Up which was the larger project the kitchen was housed under.

This project made quite a contribution, as each H5P item created is considered a potential reusable open homework practice problem, and 1291 of them are attributed to the Kitchen

The chart of titles links to all of the H5P content created under the 2020 and 2021 projects here supported by BCcampus, and thus makes up all titles on the shelf here.

2020 H5P Kitchen Projects Published

2021 H5P Kitchen Projects Published

We are proud of what our chefs have contributed to new versions of open textbooks by infusing them with H5P powered practice problems. The shelf is looking great!

Featured Image: (Modified original by cropping to show the boom shelves)

New Cookbook Bookshelf
New Cookbook Bookshelf flickr photo by phil_g shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

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