November Webinar: Sampling The Projects

It’s time to sample what has been cooking in the H5P/Pressbooks Kitchen.

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In our November webinar, representatives of the five funded projects of BCcampus OER Development Grants will serve up slices of their H5P enhanced textbooks. They will share how they have made their open textbooks more effective with the practice activities integrated into the content. Celebrate as we share the cumulative collection of new, reusable H5P practice exercises and what it means for Open Homework Systems. 

Join us Thursday, November 26 at 9:00am PT (check for your local time) to get a taste of what they have been working on.

Update! Webinar Recording If you missed the show, have no worries, it is available for replays now:

This is technically our last webinar, but the projects and cooking go on. We will soon have more information on the presenters, but you can anticipate demos of and discussions about the projects. The end product will be new versions of the following textbooks, featuring collectively 340 new H5P elements.

Pre-Webinar Questions (from registration form)

  • Do you have a process for future enhancements? What does it look like?
  • Do H5P capabilities meet accessibility standards or do you give up some of that when you choose to implement certain functionalities?

Hope to Take Away (from registration form)

  • Learn approaches and H5P tools for my own work
  • Examples of interactives from all of the projects.
  • I will be a presenter.
  • Examples and best practices of using H5P in OER Pressbooks and CANVAS LMS.
  • To see what everyone has been up to
  • Examples of creative and innovative ways to present content, as well as a better understanding of what’s possible using these tools.
  • Open Multimedia interaction platform. H5P usage in Open Education world.
  • The decision factors that lead to the open textbook enhancements.
  • Yummy samples
  • The benefits and drawbacks of using H5P in an OER
  • How H5P is used.
  • learn the latest in H5P
  • Get some ideas about H5P

Questions and Comments from the Webinar Chat

  • Bios and descriptions of all 5 of the H5P projects
  • I know a ton of instructors who would be interested in hearing more about labs and how to approach doing them with H5P
  • If printed, how does multiple choice + the answers appear?
    • in print version I believe it prints a box with a description and a web link to see the activity. If you want to provide the questions/answers that might need to be done as an appendix
  • About how much time did it take to develop your textbook with all these activities??
    • The textbook was already created so it was adding all the H5P interactive activities
    • these projects have been done since July
  • Is it difficult to make these wonderful activities accessible
  • Have other accessibility experts (outside of the H5P people) checked these activities?
  • Workaround that allowed us to use Kaltura instead of YouTube for the interactive videos (for those of you who use Kaltura at your institutions)
  • On integrating Indigenous histories and ways of working, a chance to plug BCcampus Indigenization Guides for faculty and staff. Also, working with Indigenous institutional faculty and staff helpful when choosing culturally safe examples.
  • I never thought of how H5P could be used for composition practice. Looks like it works really well!
  • Can anyone remind me if/when these books will be available to the public? I would love to send these interactive activities to my faculty (it also might encourage them to make the jump to the open books!)
    • Yes they will be public early in the new year
  • How does H5P compare with anyone using tools like Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline. Has anyone compared these interactive authoring styles?
    • Well, H5P is a lot less $$$ to use
    • Captivate and SL are more of a developer’s tool, H5P is faster development tool

This event is free. To ensure we have an inclusive and welcoming environment for all, we’ve added registration to our webinars. Please note that it will close two hours before the event.

Registration link coming soon!

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons photo by George Garrigues shared under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA license.


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