Cooking With H5P Year 2: OER Grantees Kickoff

It’s a brand new season on the Cooking with H5P Show and we have a new round of projects funded by BCcampus to continue the work of enhancing open textbooks with H5P practice problems.

Our opening show was the orientation for new project participants. We are very excited about the energy and enthusiasm with this group. As usual, we do have an archive for anyone interest (view below or directly)

And if you really are into The Show, we have a copies of the slides shown during the presentation are available for download.

Some Helpful Links

We will be starting a series of posts aimed at getting the cooking started. A new part of the show starts this week, our “Open Kitchen Lab Drop In” where we will offer help to anyone who wants to bring in some H5P they are working on or would like specific support from the Kitchen staff.

There will also be a new feature, something to get your cooking juices going. Stay tuned to the front page of the H5P Kitchen.

We are excited to have the lights turned on in the kitchen for a new round of projects.

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