The Kitchen is Open

This web site has just opened (as in launched) but is also, inherently, Open, as in wide open for others to use.

Actually, this also means on setting up a new web site, one needs to write something that is more meaningful than “Hello World.”

We hope you can taste the metaphor of a kitchen as a creative space, but also, one where people gather. And like cooking food, in the cooking of the open assessment items our project participants will create, there is room for relying on recipes, but also experimenting with ingredients and processes. And sometimes you just have to improvise.

Plus, it can be messy.

But messes can be easily cleaned up.

So stay tuned as this site unfolds during June 2020, and then we welcome our first group of new chefs who will be cooking up Open Homework problems using H5P and Pressbooks.

Bon appetit.

Image Credit: Pixabay Image by StockSnap 

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