Catch JR Dingwall’s Tweeted H5P Presentation

We have some tasty tweets for you that will deliver a valuable set of inspiring (that means worth borrowing) examples of H5P in action.

This was shared by JR Dingwall, a guest at the Cooking With H5P Webinar in August 2020 for a “presentation” he did recently for the 2021 WordPress in Education Conference aka #PressEdConf21.

That’s “presentation” in quotes because of the unique format- there is no zoom, no slides. All presentations are created as 15 minutes of tweets.

Read more about this in JR’s blog, but the real treats are in the tweets, here available as a Twitter Moment. Make sure you click through the examples in the latter half. These ought to give you some ideas about ways to design H5P practice problems.

Plus there are fun GIFs and memes. Enjoy below or directly in twitter.

Featured Image: Screenshot of GIF created by JR Dingwall

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