The Kitchen Report

According to the calendar we are at the tail end of the BCcampus 2020 H5P OER Development Grant cycle. A few of our projects have been granted extensions into 2021 to complete their projects.

After this the textbooks participants have been working on in the BCcampus Pressbooks development site will be migrated to the public facing Open Textbook Collection as updated versions that will include hundreds of embedded interactive H5P activities.

Yes, hundreds. We’ve kept up a weekly count to show the progress, and as of writing, the five textbooks now include over 800 new H5P content items.

This number will likely grow as the projects wrap up in the next few weeks. Look for our announcement when these five textbooks are available in their updated version, all available for open use/reuse/remix.

But Wait… There is More

As announced at the end of the year, the H5P/PB Kitchen will stay open as BCcampus has opened a new round of applications for five more projects.

The call for proposals is open through January 22 and we look forward to continuing the sharing of progress in this site, in our webinars, and in the open Mattermost Community hosted in the OpenETC coop.

Cooking With H5P and Pressbooks: By The Numbers

As our own review process, here are some numbers and dazzling charts to show our work since July, 2020.

Web Support

This site was created as the home of the project, but also as a means to provide support, resources, and guides to using H5P in Pressbooks. This includes 16 full articles (all listed below)

One area we focused on was enabling participants to use the BCcampus Kaltura server for video content used in the Interactive Video content type. This started with a participant question about inability to prevent the suggested videos at the end when using YouTube videos. Hosting the videos in our own infrastructure fits in the mindset of the project, and reducing the dependency on commercial platforms that track users. We developed our own tool for helping extract the correct link needed for use in H5P.

The videos used in these projects are found in the Open Educational Resources channel, so in themselves, they are an additional outcome of this projects.

Responding to one participants questions about the Timeline Content type resulted in testing and discovery of a few bugs that have been reported to H5P.

We learned this time around that we should emphasize the managing, entering of metadata in the start of the projects.

One of the most useful ways to choose H5P content types and activities is to see examples (beyond berries!) Quite a few site visitors made use of the methods and resources we summarized on scouting for H5P examples.

A small feature of the web site we included early on was adding in the footer a means for visitors to subscribe to email updates of new posts. We have not drawn attention to it, but 21 subscribers are signed up, and quite a few are from outside of BC and Canada (we can see emails from Ireland, Greece, the US).

The Full Menu: Published Articles

  • Meeting Up With H5P Metadata
    There’s a word that excited many librarians and certain technology folks, and to others, it generates yawns or visions of tedious form filling. Metadata. How could one not be excited about “data that provides information about other data“? The perhaps unhelpful metaphor above is the nutritional information label on food products. It’s not the food…
  • Getting the Right Media Ingredients on the Timeline
    One of our project participants emailed with a question about the ways to get media on the H5P Timeline content type. They were trying to use an image from Unsplash and/or flickr both good sources for images but having trouble getting the images to show. You can see in the timeline demo (yes it’s Strawberries)…
  • The Icing on the H5P Cake: A Periodic Table of H5P
    You just cannot feel like you know the full realm of all great internet resources on a topic. Here’s one that I came across in today’s webinar with Svein-Tore Griff With that, as Mom used to say, “blew me away.” And I was busy with the flow, I did not see Tami’s message in the…
  • How to Scout For H5P Examples
    Many times in this project I have been out there in the giant food warehouse of the internet trying to find examples of H5P content. One of the many virtues of H5P is that it works in different platforms/systems. This means it’s in a lot of places but as far as I know, there’s no…
  • Too Tall Images: It’s All About the Aspect Ratio
    You may not think much about aspect ratios of media. But you might when an H5P image hotspot ends up being ginormous in your Pressbook. Prepare for a wee bit of math, not much. Aspect ratio is the proportion of longest to shortest dimension of a geometric shape. For images, for the screens we use…
  • Gadgets For Creating H5P
    What follows below does not directly apply to the projects being developed by the BCcampus grantees we are supporting. But the questions in our webinar and also a related program need, made me think about the different ways for H5P content to be created and published. In this project, the teams are all working in…
  • Branching Scenarios: Yes, No, Maybe?
    One of the more sophisticated utensils in the H5P drawer is the Branching Scenario content type. It allows you to create situational experiences or game-like interactions, where the viewer has to make decisions that lead them to variable results. The advantage of having an H5P tool to cook one up with is that other approaches…
  • The Print Side of Accessibility
    One might be tempted to think of web accessibility primarily in terms of addressing the needs of people with visual and audio disabilities. As we learned from Josie Gray in the July Webinar Cooking Show on Cooking H5P With Accessibility in Mind with creating open textbooks, we have another factor to consider. One of the…
  • Clever End Around For Unused Words in Drag and Drop
    It’s rewarding when a limit of what a tool can do is jumped by not changing technology, but a different, human thought, approach. Recently, in our project Mattermost community, Wendi asked: I just did my first drag and drop is there a way you can add extra terms that are not used? This is a…
  • Switching from YouTube to Kaltura For H5P Interactive Video
    In this kitchen tip we have an option for those using the H5P Interactive Video content type. With this tool, a video can be augmented with stops on the playback to insert popup information relevant to that point in the video or it can insert interactive questions at that point (multiple choice, true false, fill…
  • Going Beyond Correct/Incorrect with Feedback
    From the literature review of in Shute (2018) Focus on Feedback we learned suggested practices for providing feedback on practice problems that are aimed to enhance learning. The H5P toolset provides quite a variety of means to give feedback for correct and incorrect responses as well as more based on problems with multiple parts. The…
  • Getting Started in H5P
    In our kick-off meeting, a few participants expressed interest in getting started resources for H5P as well as ones to help pick among the tools. We heard you, so this is a starting list, to be added to the resource book we will build as we go. The Source, The home of H5P has…
  • Focus on Formative Feedback
    Feedback is a critical element of the kinds of practice problems being developed by participants in the H5P OER Development Grant program. To explore feedback further, we turn to research literature: Shute, Valerie J. “Focus on Formative Feedback.” Review of Educational Research, vol. 78, no. 1, American Educational Research Association, Mar. 2008, pp. 153–89. SAGE…
  • Writing Good Multiple Choice Questions
    We have no doubt that as experienced teachers you have not only seen many multiple choice test questions but that you have created them yourself. And keeping in the kitchen metaphor, there’s no absolutely perfect recipe, there are methods and ingredients that maybe can be improved, ever so slightly. We found a worthy set of…
  • Organizing the H5P Utensil Drawer
    I have one of those drawers in my kitchen which seem to gather random implements and utensils. Shall we try a quiz? The drawer of H5P content types includes 49 different utensils! Maybe we can find some meaningful ways to organize them. First, for the purposes of the open homework systems project, we are focusing…
  • Four Elements of Open Homework Practice Problems
    In a conversation completely unrelated to this project my colleague Gardner Campbell described the forward to the Samin Nosrat’s cooking book Salt Fat Acid Heat as an appropriate to think about teaching. In the forward to this book, Michael Pollan writes: In Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, Samin Nosrat manages to take us so much deeper…

Webinars: aka The Cooking Show

Our support included monthly webinars intended to both support project participants, but also to draw in interest from educators anywhere. The first two in July were focused on project participants, logistics, etc, but the following four were open to all.

Our archives include not only recorded videos of the sessions (thanks to BCcampus support for managing as well as adding captions) but also web sites mentioned in chat, as well as questions/answers covered in the sessions.

We were pleased to feature a mix of shows, including expertise in August, instructional design support and example projects shared by Julie Maier and JR Dingwall from University of Saskatchewan as well as the experience of Ontario educators Kim Carter and Marie Rutherford in development of their H5P “infused” medical terminology textbook.

We had a major event in October with the presence of H5P founder and “top chef” Svein-Tore Griff With where we got a demo of the in development H5P OER Hub. November’s show featured demos and experiences of the participants in our supported projects.

For a snazzy chart distraction, here’s some data on participation in the webinars.

Charts and graphs though do not show how lively these sessions were; we had great exchanges and sharing in the chat. And we saw participation again from well beyond BC, Canada, as the project seemed of interest in many places. Often these were educators with a general interest in learning more about H5P and Pressbooks as well as many experienced developers and authors too.

Count on more cooking shows starting in February 2021 for the new round of projects. Let us know (comments below) if there are topics or projects of interest

Mattermost Community

We set up a community site within the OpenETC’s Mattermost for our project, and for the first half of the project this was limited to project participants. A number of them used it to ask specific questions or to message privately for more urgent requests.

Screen from Mattermost showing a question asked about removing an item in an H5P content type, and the answer provided with a diagram showing the location of the correct button to fix the problem

This really is the most efficient means to ask for help or to get ideas, as you have the potential for responses from colleagues and a wider pool of expertise. Still, as many requests that happened in Mattermost came via email.

With the interest in the project from our webinars, we opened the community to be a public one, and we currently have 36 members, more are outside the project than part of it.

Our goal in 2021 is to encourage much more activity in this space, to make it more than just getting tech support, but also a place to help conceptualize use of H5P, share examples, etc.

This community is open to anyone, not just people in BC. It’s an open source software that has all the functionality you may be familiar with from Slack, Teams, but no corporate ownership. It is provided as a service by the OpenETC.

Join here

What’s Next?

We will be reviewing the applications for the open round of project funding (apply now!) and anticipate announcing the new projects February 8, 2021. Also look for news here when the first round projects are available in the BCcampus Open Textbook Collection.

And I have a few more tip articles in the queue as we look forward to preparing the next round of H5P/PB cooking.

Want to keep up? Sign up for email updates below and/or join the Mattermost community. It’s like being close to the savory aromas in thr kitchen.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay 

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